Design and Engineering

Our main area of enterprise development is the design and engineering, including the elaboration of integral projects, from stages of first draft for decision making to the generation of documentation and detail engineering  for construction stages.

Altogether with this We mantain a solid and continuous line of advising and consulting work that includes the conceptual project and preliminary design, studies of stability with and without failure in ships of all type, hydrostatic definition of forms an calculations, longitudinal resistance, calculation of arching and freeboard asignment, budgets and information, shipbuilding direction, technical assistance for the purchase of sea equipment, and judicial expert works.



Advice and Consultancy

This area includes several type of subjects related to the world of Naval Architecture and Engineering, which in many times are necessary to do by multi disciplinary working teams, like:

  •  Representation of foreign companies
  • Different type of legal procedures with harbor and/or maritime authorities
  • Stability test and calculations
  • Hull form reports and digital plans
  • Engineering calculations like structure, resistance, etc..
  • Legal surveying
  • Building supervision
  • Technical and financial projects

For this type of subjects or other ones related, our team includes their own resources and associated ones at different fields, to satisfy the client needs.


Software Development

Our department of Software Development is committed to the creation of computer applications as much for its use by the operators or agents (handling of loads / dynamic positioning / communications) as also for use onboard (loading condition / stability / liquid tanks).

Our intention is to prepare a customized product with the own specifications of the ship, with an interpahse that allows a simple and reliable handling to users.

On board sensors for the measurement of levels in tanks allows a real time update of displacement, stability and longitudinal resistance conditions.

Nautical and harbor infrastructures


The ship and recreational boat development and growht, are related to several factors, among them good quality and quantity of well designed infrastructures. Those of them must resolve correctly the different situations that naturally present the sea-land interfase, and the own dynamic complexity of the vessels on the water, with good mooring installations, service and maintenance facilities, and so on, in accordance with international normatives.

From 2010 our company offers Design and Engineering services for both sea and land infrastructures, for the development of sport and commercial activities, maintenance, reparation and boat/ship building. Among them you can find: breakwaters, piers, floating docks and platforms, yacht clubs, boatyards, and so on.